Peta Came – English


PETA-CAME is the name for cameras that are be able to “stick”. (“PETA” is the sound of sticking onomatopoeia)

It is one of the world’s smallest class cameras that can be easily affixed anywhere thanks to its small size and light weight. We offer products with a variety of shapes and additional functions to suit different usage scenarios, including cellphone connectivity, memory, Internet connectivity, lens angle, microscope function, long-time recording, and recording pixel variations. In a society where cameras and their recording functions are indispensable, “PETA-CAME” offers a variety of camera solutions that fit into everyday life. “PETA-CAME” is compact and lightweight, so it can be integrated into everyday life without any discomfort. Starting with the “PPAT” glasses with a built-in camera and the world’s smallest class dashboard camera, BROADWATCH, with over 14 years of experience in manufacturing compact cameras, will continue to offer a variety of camera products and camera solutions.


World’s smallest class and lightweight camera

Efforts have been made to reduce the size and weight of the camera, making it possible to mount it in previously difficult places. Smallest cameras solve problems and create new possibilities.

Easy and compact camera that can be installed anywhere

The smallest camera is not limited by where or how it is installed. These easy-to-use cameras can be easily installed just like a sticker. Installation and setup are simplified, making it easy for anyone to use.

Easy to connect to Wi-Fi and operate with a cellphone

Once the camera is installed, all you need to do is operate it with your cellphone. All settings, video confirmation, and recording can be done with a single familiar cellphone. *The camera has passed the Japanese Wi-Fi technical standards.
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